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Just new progress of development old school RPG with turn based combat Sands of Space - new HUD, new enemy etc.

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Hi! Yet another progress of old school RPG with turn based combat.

Long story short I have added a outliner for objects that player can interact with, new monster Derelict and Psy Derelict with invisible feature, new HUD, ammo reloading, new UI for dialogs and notifications for quests.
And here the timeline

  1. 00:00 - 02:18 fight with Derelicts and Psy Derelict
  2. 02:18 - 02:54 new UI for Inventory
  3. 02:54 - 03:28 big badaboom

The outliner works like in Underrail. You can press Tab and it will highlight the objects near the player to reduce pixel hunting. Also the color of outliner is depending on what object it is. For example

  1. None NPC (lockers, stuff on floor etc.) — blue outline
  2. NPC not in battle mode with player — green outline
  3. NPC in battle mode with player — red outline

As you can see the new enemy Derelict is in a game, two version of him actually. Psy Derelict and Derelict. The Psy Derelict is invisible and he is the leader of group. Thats mean other Derelicts near the Psy Derelict attack with more damage. And if Psy Derelict is dead they become weaker.

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