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With Christmas approaching, and me trying to FINALLY create a beta release in the last weeks before the 24th, here are some news.

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As said in the summary, christmas is approaching, and i want to release a beta version during the Christmas days or around them(23th? 27th?). It might be later, like far end of december or beginning of january, but i think that overall quality is more important than the exact release date as long as it isn't too far away, and i want it to be at least a bit enjoyable. So yeah. I will probably post some more progress information during the next time. I am not sure though, it depends on what is going on in the next 2 weeks.

I am currently playtesting a lot, and have made lots of little or medium changes. The galaxy and the ground combat are taking shape, and even the factions are, but the AI still sucks in GC mode space, because it doesn't produce any ships. It is very kickass in space skirmish though.
What is planned for the next weeks:
-general stuff like balancing and bugfixing
-adding cadanians and making them playable
-galaxy building
-AI improvements

Also there will probably be two variants of the Sandbox, one with all 4 factions and one with Phoenix and Tecteron only.

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