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SOOO..... gone for far too long... yeah thats ... a thing

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seeing as this game is GOD dang old now. im gonna be making one last release scheduled christmas of this year. im gonna name it 3.0 get the GC fixed. and show off some added content as teasers before then. im gonna add a level 4 maybe 5 Ground tech upgrade for some over the top units in ground specifically. ive been doing some modeling and adding stuff to units. you can expect to see shields around many ground tanks that have shields ( i like the visuals of shields... i hate inviso shields XD ) the pic above for this post is also a teaser, i remodeled a "ENHANCED" version of the t4b tank. the top turret now rotates and is independent of the main turret, it has two extra side mounted cannons, and two carbonite missile pods AND a missile defense system . stay tuned for ATAT.


Glad to know that you are still alive and well, Amatarasu!

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