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Wonderful, this mod page has amassed quite a lot of content, and it will likely be getting a little bit more before Christmas.

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After finishing a bunch of work and spending a couple weeks dead for tax reasons, I guess I'll be finishing that fun George Takei voice I mentioned ages ago. I haven't been making anything new for UT2004 while I've been absorbed in other games (like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Warriors Orochi 3, Gothic 3, Deus E- HOLY CRAP HOW DO I EVER GET THINGS DONE), so YAY for all the content that Nips34 has made and thanks for the ideas and content links that people have shared.
So there will be at least two or three more voicepacks of note popping up for everyone's enjoyment in the next couple weeks; hopefully all these new personalities, and new guns from the next Sgt. Kelly's pack, will ease the pain of Christmas anticipation ;-)

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