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Some of the mayor things and choices what must be done. Weapon list.

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text code:
All weapons (39) MAX 40
------------------------------------------******What kind******
1:H4 Battle Rifle
2:DMR--------------------------------------Halo 4 or  Reach DMR
3: Rocket launcher-------------------------Reach
4:sniper rifle-----------------------------Reach
5:Gauss rifle
6:Assault Rifle----------------------------Reach or Halo 4
8:Silenced SMG
10:Magnum----------------------------------Reach or Halo 4
11:Spartan Laser---------------------------Reach
12:Rail Gun
13:Tactical Battle Rifle
14:Minigun/Machine gun
15:H4 Machine gun
16:Grenade launcher
------------------------------------------******What kind******
1:H4 Beam rifle
2:Plasma Repeater
3:Fuel Rod Gun (Flak Cannon)--------------Halo reach
4:Carbine---------------------------------Halo 4
5:Storm Rifle
6:Spiker----------------------------------Halo reach
7:Brute Shot
8:Energy Sword----------------------------Halo 4
9:Focus Rifle
10:Concussion Rifle-----------------------Halo reach
11:Plasma Turret
Vehicle mounted(9) Reserved 3  (13)
1:Phantom weapon (alien cannon)
2:Pelican gun (heli_mg)
3:Support (alien mg)
4:Vehicle mounted Gauss gun
5:Vehicle mounted rocket
6:Vehicle mounted MG
7:Vehicle mounted Plasma weapon
8:Snow bound Defender
9:Mounted Wraith cannon

is the weapon list so far, like u see there are hell of weapons in here.
The only dilemma i have is, either i use halo reach ones or Halo 4, can u guys help me out?
Now i have some already rigged and animated scripts done and sounds added, about 30% is made.
In the upcoming ALPHA Version of this mod, there will be only about 10 weapons on my choice because if i would include every weapon model with textures mod would be very large.

--About the alpha mod itself and the mission what is nearly done, right now i have a plan to make closed alpha, and then in the future open beta. What do you think?
I don't have anything really to add because i have been very lazy and working with other projects.
Some questions to you:
What weapons to you want to see in game the most?
Because engine has 35-40 weapon limit and i'm bound to throw some weapons out sooner or later.

Mission 01 CL_City, well, one of the hardest maps i have been working on, what if this will be on alpha only, but the scenes i have made are very impressive and i'm very proud of them, game-play and missions what player must to are very hard and tricky.

When you will finally be able to play alpha u will see like u are really in the city, i was focusing making player feel that he is in city, had to but some limitations to all of those who are looking things in the other direction.
If you leave the are your going to get some damage.
Some screenshots:
The atmosphere is set in a dark night, so player must be careful in ever corner.

When phantom appeared then i was in a mess:

Dark alley:

My My.


lovely :o

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Janzu118 Author

Here's a note, graphics are lowered to minimum, if you have good pc, then it will look more than awesome.

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Will that be sp or mp ?
Death areas are not my taste but you should give a warning to the player first! Did u really have tested the mp modus? I cannot give garanties if my code is working flawless in mp environment, i never have checked it m

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Janzu118 Author

mp maps will not be included, i mean you can still try x}
But just this sp map + you can mess in editor with stuff.

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