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This release of Ya3dag features three exhibition levels (items, particle effects, physics simulation), reworked map particle emitters and the Bulled physics engine.

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Release Notes Ya3dag V1.30

Summary of changes for the update of Ya3dag V 1.30.

* New levels
* Exhibition of items
Inventory items. All you can carry.
Everything that you can use.

* Exhibition of particle effects
Exhibition for level/map designers and developers.

* Physics laboratory
Explore the possibilities of physics simulation. Only
suitable for large children.

* Switched to compiler 'Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition'
This compiler is availible for free from Microsoft.
Only the Qoole bsp editor is compiled with VC 6.0
because this application needs the MFC library which
is not included in the 'Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition'.

* Made egyptsoc.shader working.
This shaders are for the 'Egyptian textures' package from Sock.
Lightsources, jumppads, glowing trim's.

* New shader keywords supported from Ya3dag.
* q3map_lightimage
Use this texture to get the lightcolor
if the texture emits light.
* q3map_surfacelight value
The amout of light this surface emit's.

* reworked map particle emitters.
* Added more settings to modify appearance.
* Color of particles
* Color deviations
* Size of particles
* Creation rate
* Emission speed of particles
* Lifetime factor
* Shape of paricles
* all particles are now in the 'BASEQ2\particles'

* WGGameBegin level (Golmbach city).
The startup point in the level has a second exit now.
The examination can be bypassed.

* Bulled physics engine
The physics simulation of Ya3dag is changed from
'Newton Game Dynamics' to the open source
'Bullet Physics Library'.

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