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Another month gone and the X Universe mod has a new multi pack out now.

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The X-UNIVERSE Multi-Pack3

The Mod just go simpler to install and download...


It has been a month since getting back to editing the mod and have made many new developments to the mod. The developments have been in the graphics department due to the fact I have been working more hours than I expected, so I had less time on the mod.

There was a few mods that I just updated and stabilised from the old multi pack, these include the smaller map mod and HUD mod. Other than that the Reduced Space Particles, Alternative Asteriod mod and x2 bullet mod where quick releases for player tastes.

I will hopefully get some time to get some ships into the mod but that takes time so please be patient.

All these mods are compatible with the latest X3TC patch (2.6).

Current Developments
--> v2.0.0.3 Main Mod (Multi Pack 2)
----> v0.0.0.4 Graphics addon (Multi Pack 2)
-------------> v0.0.0.5 Planet Improvement plugin (Multi Pack 2)
-------------> v0.0.0.1 Alternative Asteroid Texture Mod NEW!!

----> v0.0.0.2 Smaller Map addon NEW!!
----> v0.0.0.2 Music addon (Multi Pack 2)
----> v0.0.0.1 X2 Style Bullet Mod NEW!!
----> v0.0.0.1 Vital Mod Update NEW!!
----> v0.0.0.3 HUD Mod NEW!!
----> v0.0.0.1 Reduced Space Particles NEW!!


Due to the mod being so big (315mb) I decided just to create an update for multi pack 2, so you will have to download multi pack 2 first ---> Download NOW <---, then download multi pack 3 ---> Download NOW <---. I may upload the full version later, I did already but my internet went down before I could submit.

Thanks to...
  • .. Moddb for hosting, advertising, publicity.
  • .. EGOSOFT for a great game.
  • .. Supporters, thanks for getting me back into this.
  • .. Anon Loyalist for the music.

I have X3: Reunion, and this game looks so amazing, as does your mod, but I just can't figure out how to play it! I've read through the manual to no avail...

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Wrong game... that's the previous game, this is for Terran Conflict.

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I wasn't talking about the mod. :P I was talking about the game itself.

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