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I was looking through old file and found an old XNA game rendering.

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I was looking through old file and found an old rendering of the game. We worked on this for a while now, and previously we developed in XNA. Here's an image that compares the two.
the image doesn't do it justice but the graphics are somewhat the same, except the textures are slightly different of course.
We used to use .png file side by side to create the levels. What i mean is that the images used in XNA were rendered image from 3ds max. we could apply glows, ambient occlusion passes and baked the lighting directly in the images. So we got something that looked relatively good for a 2D game.
But there was something missing there, real time shadows and lighting. See, since we switched to unity, we were able to add moods to the scenes. Light flickering, toning the lights, imagine doing that with rendered images? It would look weird. And I personally don't have the brains to make something like that work.
Bottom line: 3D game engine = yay.

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