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The first Xitol Monday Update on Monday 7th March. Outlining what we are up to at the moment.

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Welcome All

Welcome to the first Xitol update (hopefully set to every Monday); today I get to cover some important things about Xitol and our Project Battleground: The Arena.

Our Community

We want to build our community and get feedback from them to influence out site and our games, we will need financial support (not large amounts) to help us bring the best tools for our community, such as a better forum system and a cooler new website, and we will also be offering rewards for donations and investments.

Our Project

If you have not yet seen our project Battleground: The Arena, please do as we will need all the support we can get, we can't offer much information at this point but we can offer a percentage of our art and comfort you by saying IT DOES CONAIN GUNS! As some of you will like to hear.

Why Should We Care About You Or Your Project?

you may ask, well simply enough we care about the people who will like to be in our community and play our games and content we have created for other games (We will be doing some to support other studios very soon!) you can also catch us on Twitter @XitolSoftworks (we will try to reply to you too!)Or Facebook - Xitol Softworks

Time To Go

That is all from our Monday update we will try to keep you in the loop at all times.

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