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In game present 8 new faction: Kingdom of Cilicia, Sweden, Bohemia, Bulgarian Empire, Georgian kingdom, Abbasid Caliphate, Cumans, Aragon

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The game will feature previously unused factions, but at the same time historical and corresponding 
to the time. 

Kingdom of Cilicia - will exist for about 400 years, of course, the state went down in the history 
of the Middle Ages

Sweden. We waited for a playable Sweden, but did not appear in any way, and how not to recall 
the Swedish expansion of Finland, etc.

Bohemia. How not to remember Bohemia, someone will say, but in 1136 this is a principality, 
and a kingdom later, but we are doing this because it will accommodate a regional disadvantage 
and historical drinking associated with the Western Slavs as part of the Holy Roman Empire

The Bulgarian Empire, which in 1136 is in the stage of dependence on Byzantium, but the 
Bulgarian kingdom will achieve its independence from Byzantium due to an uprising that will occur later, 
therefore, at the beginning of the game, Bulgaria is an ally (allegedly a vassal, but temporarily)

The Georgian kingdom, which quite successfully resists the rushing nomads in the 12th century

Abbasid Caliphate, must be remembered telling and playing a game about the 
middle ages of the 12th century

Polovtsy, they are Cumans, they are Kipchaks. They finished off and conquered 
the Khazar Kaganate, thereby gaining power from the taken lands and 
tribes who went over to their side


With the kingdom of Aragon, the kingdom of Lona and costilia will make union,
 and after the breakdown of the Emirate of Grenada, all this will become Spain
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