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"New Way of Bullet Hell." Immersive gameplay within beautiful fractal bullets. Survival thrilling danmaku. Full beta available until 30 June 2017

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Minerva's Crystal Sentient from Pandora begin their invasion to Planet Earth.The only Earth hope is Xenoslaive, a secret guardian core which recovered from ancient metaform technology, now planted into a ship. You'll drive this secret weapon to breach into Pandora and to destroy their Crystal Core.


This game is a thrilling Danmaku combined with strategy and maze element. Not only depended on how fast you are dodging the bullets, but also need cunning strategy and timing to avoid the bullet pattern with efficient movement.

General JokerGeneral Joker 2

Bravely use your focus and backshot to escape part of the maze. Efficiently use your charges, and give blast to the enemies or activate your fringe break.


  • Solid gameplay with 3 difficulties (plus No Mercy unlockable mode), and 4 unlockable perks.

Start Menu

  • 6 stages, ton of bosses, ton of beautiful bullet patterns to dodges, and more.

Boss Fight

  • Xbox Controller (with full force feedback/vibration) are supported.
  • Full of Electro-Trance music

Default keyboard controls:

  • Movement: W, S, A, D (or Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • Shot: Z (or left-click)
  • Charge: X (or middle-click)
  • Focus: Left-Shift (or right-click)
  • Back/Cancel: Esc
  • OK/Confirm/Submit: Enter

Default Controller Configuration (XBOX Controller):

  • Movement: Left Stick (Analog) or DPAD
  • Shot: X
  • Charge: LB
  • Focus: RB
  • OK/Confirm/Submit: A
  • Back/Cancel: B

Full Beta: click here to download


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • HDD: 540MB
  • RAM: 2GB
  • CPU: 1.6GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000 / GeForce GT 340 / Radeon HD 5550
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