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There are a lot of new changes and balancing that has been done to the mod with this release. I want to thank everyone for their help on the project up to this point. If the mod isn't avalible yet on MODDB, check the page for a direct link.

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Just a quick rundown on all the changes and/or known issues to this update. There have been many so I will probably forget much of what I've done in the last month.

  • Most EF units can now turn their waists and will fire upon the enemy while moving. There are still some that won't, most notably would be the artillery units.
  • Many weapons have been rebalanced to try and make them work closer to what they are supposed to be.
  • Almost all EF defenses have had an overhaul on their models and weapons.
  • The EF Air units now actually have a roll on the battlefield. EF gets 4 spicific air units, the Core Fighter, Core Booster, Core Bomer, and G-Defenser.
  • Added in the Stark Jegan and Armored Jegan. The normal Jegan has been removed due to coding issues.
  • Added in the Powered GM to timeline 3.
  • fixed many messed up descriptions.
  • added EXP system to almost all of the units. The basic vehicles and air units do not gain exp yet.
  • each unit gains different bonuses through the EXP system. Some become faster, some stronger, and some can see farther. The bonus's directed to the units are based on what kinds of units your dealing with.
  • PsycoGundam still sucks. It still comes in on the bottom left corner of the map. Working on it, can't figure out why that one summon won't work right where all the other ones do.
  • Jegan models are a little too big, need to be made smaller/other models made a bit larger.
  • I want to thank Keyboard and Smoth for their help and donation of models that they have given this year. They have been a big help to us and we wouldn't be where we are without them.
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