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Bug hunt is close to the end: can release happen tomorrow or we don't get past another fatal error?

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Hi everyone!

Today we're counting final hours before 3038 release. The beta package is now ready and available for downloading. I'd really appreciate it if you could run XDM with bot for a few hours to at least find out possible crashes and problems!

(thank you for participating)

Run like this:

hl.exe -game XDM -console -dev -32bpp -particles 32768 -num_edicts 4096 -surfcachesize 6291456 -nosteam -anyaspect -nojoystick -tos -insecure -nomousegrab -noontop +developer 2
hlds.exe -nosteam -nomaster -game XDM -console -dev -particles 65536 -heapsize 72000 -num_edicts 4096 +sv_lognotice 1 +mapchangecfgfile "mapchange.cfg"

It's still not fully compatible with official Xash3D release because of client gravity and DLL loading behavior, but it should work on all Half-Life versions since 1110.

Oh, and here's a little part of the changelog.txt:

 > CL: Scripted Render System! Look in "/docs" and "/scripts/rendersystem". 
 > CL: level of detail for player models, it changes every "r_lod_dist" units. 
 > CL: statistics window now shows combo and award titles. 
 > CL: at the end of a match you can view statistics of every player. 
 > CL: letters as hotkeys in command menus. 
 > CL: ability to temporarily change score panel title. 
 > CL: close delay for message windows (yes, to make people actually read MOTD). 
 > CL: GUI buttons now can play different action sounds depending on action result. 
 > CL: button shortcuts in spectator menu (arrows, "o", "c"). 
 > CL: bubbles to beam rifle explosion. 
 > CL: custom "ammo" entity, to be used with "maps/mapname_ammotypes.txt" and "maps/mapname_hud_ammo.txt". 
 > CL: notification when a player exits spectator mode and joins the game. 
 > CL: ability to scroll text in VGUI windows using mouse wheel (sometimes loses focus though). 
 > CL: v_inset_bounds controls size of the minimap/overview window, format: "X Y W H" in percents. 
 > CL: studio model event 5005 "set skin" (used by some new viewmodels). 
 > CL: new damage types and sprites. 
 > CL: long jump module icon is now saved/restored properly. 
 > CL: weapon p_ model changes body/skin along with the v_ model, IT MUST HAVE SAME NUMBER OF BODYGROUPS and texturegroups to work. 
 > CL: .xpl default playlists for various multiplayer game rules. Loaded when everything else fails. 
 > CL: fallback to TEMPENTS if RenderSystem is disabled for static architecture. 
 > SV: user rights management ("modrights" command) - allows certain players to gain special rights like execution of developer commands. Rights: player, mod, admin, dev. 
 > SV: ability for multiple developers to work simultaneously (most developer commands now work independently for different clients). For example, "mycoordedit" won't interfere with other client's coordinates. 
 > SV: more virtual AI sounds, monsters react to them. 
 > SV: certain skyboxes can block air strikes: add them to "scripts/sky_no_airstrike.txt" 
 > SV: death sounds to scientists. 
 > SV: env_shake can now have permanent effect (duration 0) and be toggled. 
 > SV: hud_timer (point entity) which adds a large timer to players HUD. 
 > SV: trigger_secret (point entity) which affects player's statistics. 
 > SV: (map design) console entity actions as targets in ALL entities! (e.g. target == "#mymonster set renderamt 127" or "#mytarget rotate "0 90 0"") 
 > SV: (map design) func_wall* now have targets. 
 > SV: (map design) func_illusionary can now be toggled. Use effect EF_NODRAW as "start OFF" option. 
 > SV: (map design) doors can have their "distance" changed dynamically. 
 > SV: (map design) breakables can now have anything as "spawnobject". 
 > SV: (map design) env_beam now have "target" field which is fired on every strike. 
 > SV: (map design) support for KillTarget on path_* entities. 
 > SV: (map design) support for custom materials using maps/mapname_materials.txt (overrides global materials). 
 > SV: (map design) support for custom models on all weapons! 
 > SV: (map design) support for custom sounds on func_trains, doors, buttons, mortar_fields. 
 > SV: (map design) support for custom gib count, health, score and blood color for monsters. 
 > SV: (map design) trigger_teleport supports multiple targets with the same name (helps preventing players from teleporting into each other). 
 > SV: (map design) trigger_teleport can now be a point entity without model and be used only by name. 
 > SV: (map design) custom env_projectiles can have size, different move types, 
 > SV: (map design) detection of game rules based on internal map property "gameprefix" (does not override file name prefix). 
 > SV: (map design) team start delays to the world (teamstartdelay1...4 keys). 
 > SV: (map design) "airstrikepolicy" - allow or forbid use of airstrikes on this map (useful for xen maps). "black" and "xen" skynames disable airstrikes by default. 
 > SV: (map design) custom capacity for batteries and medkits. 
 > SV: (map design) ability to set custom models to items, monsters and many other things. 
 > SV: (map design) check for all monsters to have proper body groups set. 
 > SV: (map design) team restriciton to rules entities (like game_player_equip, game_zone_player, game_player_hurt, etc.). 
 > SV: (map design) player_weaponstrip team restriction, "once" and "everyone" flags. 
 > SV: (map design) support for studio models for all wall-mounted chargers (uses 2 skins, 2 sequences, 1 controller), just paste classname into editor. 
 > SV: (map design) talking monsters can now have custom sentence prefixes (like "BA" or "SC"). 
 > SV: (map design) bullet modes to weapon_custom (requires damage to be set). 
 > SV: material-based hit velocity adjustment for breakables. 
 > SV: mp_pickuppolicy controls which dropped weapons can be picked up (0-all, 1-owned only, 2-owned by friends). 
 > SV: sv_bullet_distance cvar for server administrators. Sniper rifle multiplies it by 2. 
 > SV: sv_tau_velocity_mult cvar to tune weapon_gauss recoil velocity. 
 > SV: class CLASS_HUMAN_MONSTER, used by zombies. 
 > SV: talking monsters now comment on hearing suspicious sounds. 
 > SV: game_score flag to award everyone. 
 > SV: CoOp: ability to keep score across maps to make the competition even tougher (mp_coop_keep_score). 
 > SV: CoOp: players now respawn in positions where trigger_autosave was activated for them last time. 
 > SV: CoOp: after level change players spawn only at spots that match used landmark (it it was set by designer). 
 > SV: revenge on monsters in CoOp. 
 > SV: sk_osprey_health skill cvar. 
 > SV: trigger_autosave visible and works in CoOp games. 
 > SV: players now may change weapons while current weapon is holstered (even while on ladder). 
 > SV: SF_ITEM_NOFALL (200) flag to all items so they are not dropped to the ground from the initial spawn spot. 
 > SV: custom maximum armor in multiplayer. 
 > SV: unlimited number of func_rotating sound presets (sound/fans/fan#.wav, fan#on.wav, fan#off.wav) + start/stop sounds. 
 > SV: developer commands: searchents, searchradius, searchindex, searchforward (run without arguments for usage info). 
 > SV: "set keyvalue" from whatever command now accepts entity pointer fields as entity indexes. 
 > SV: mp_maxteams cvar to use in map_pre.cfg configs (resets to 0 on every level change). 
 > SV: mp_playerstarthealth and mp_playerstartarmor cvars. 
 > XBM: -modsvdll command line parameter to specify mod server DLL name (available only if compiled with SVDLL_NEWFUNCTIONS) 
 > env_static colormap (special textures) is set according to rendercolor. 
 > New co-operative campaign - Arctic Incident. 
 > ITEM_FLAG_IMPORTANT which prevents weapon from being lost... hopefully. 
 > "Distant shot" event/stat. 
 > (dev) Ability to place non-precached entities on maps by unchecking "create now" box. 
 > plasma balls water hit effects. 
 > weapon_sniperrifle - lots of people requested it. 
 > weapon_disklauncher - shoots rotating razor blades that bounce off hard surfaces. 
 > weapon_bhg - black hole generator, primary fire charges automatically half a clip, secondary may charge full clip. 
 > Damage types: DMG_MICROWAVE - distorts HUD, DMGM_DISARM (mask) - prevents player/monsters from shooting. 
 > Many more death notice sprites (tanks, doors, trains, turrets). 
 > Ability to show ANY entity on the map. But no distinction yet (HL limitation). 
 > New AudioTrack system which allows saving and restoring track position (works only for external player, not HL CD/MP3 player). 
 > sk_dmg_mortar for monster_mortar on maps. 



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~X~ Author

Oh yeah, it is )

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~X~ Author

...and the link is closing... now!
I see quite a few people downloaded the package although it wasn't even on the main page. Thanks everyone! If you have any bug reports, send them ASAP!

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So when is the release going to be?

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~X~ Author

If you don't count this beta, the actual release depends only on two things:
- I fix critical bugs reported here
- I fix my computer :-/

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