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The Xbox version of the long awaited update is out!

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Have a look at the changelog below for detailed information about the update.

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Version 1.4 Changelog
- level cap raised to 32, base attribute cap raised to 20
- maps for all realms (except the challange realm…)
- new challenge map with a new bossfight
- new status bar that shows your magic find bonus
- new ground textures
- new high level items
- met item requirements can now optionally be shown
- physical resistance now counts towards “physical damage absorption”
- physical damage absorption can be absolute or relative and is shown in the stats
- maid in town now more demanding
- spider in Storehouse won’t hunt you down anymore
- drop system has been refactored
- drop behaviour of treasures and bosses changed slightly
- gold drops are now doubled when you learned Adventuring
- stats now show the explicit bonuses they receive from items and/or effects
- proper animation for successful Sleep, Warcry, and Lightning effects
- fixed bug where using a mouse allowed the selection of invalid tiles in the tile selector
- pickup selection now stays at the selected index after picking up an item
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