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Keeping traditions! New 1st April build of engine(no jokes, seriously)

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Xash3D FWGS 0.19 release

Flying With Gauss team are glad to introduce new Xash3D FWGS release to you. Multiplayer improvements, more ports and any other major changes you can read in changelog below.



  • Synchronized with Xash3D build 3366.
  • Emscripten & iOS support.
  • Network protocol extensions:
    • NET_EXT_HUFF(cl_enable_compress): Packet compression. Muda. Useless.
    • NET_EXT_SPLIT(cl_enable_split): Splitting packets larger than cl_maxpacket value. Enabled by default.
    • NET_EXT_HUFFSPLIT(cl_enable_splitcompress): Packet compression for splitted packets. Enabled by default.
  • Simple NAT bypass(enabled with sv_nat/cl_nat). A chance to make a public server.
  • Multiplayer client identification, input devices and version reporting
    • To toggle mouse navigate to Configuration->Touch->Touch options and click to Ignore mouse.
    • To toggle touch navigate to Configuration->Touch->Touch options and click to Enable.
    • To toggle gamepad navigate to Configuration->Gamepad and click to Enable gamepad.
    • To allow or disallow some type of input device, you can toggle sv_allow_mouse, sv_allow_touch, sv_allow_joystick, sv_allow_vr and sv_allow_noinputdevices to disallow clients with undefined input devices(old engine, for example).
  • Compile-time backend system, which lets porting to different platforms easier.
  • Mobility API extensions:
    • pfnGetNativeObject gives you a "native" object of current platform. For example, "JNIEnv" on Android.
    • pfnSetCustomClientID for setting custom client ID in user-agent.
  • Two overbright modes are implemented. Toggle with gl_overbright <0/1/2> cvar.
  • Scripted Sequences implementation(used only by Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes).
  • mp3 command implementation
  • Optimized command/cvar/command alias searching.
  • net_graph implementation
  • s_lerping cvar toggles sound interpolation formulas. 1 for standart linear interpolation, 2 for cubic interpolation.
  • sv_forcesimulating cvar to force world "live" even if server have no players(thanks, @THE-Swank).
  • con_fontscale for console font scailing.
  • Transparent items in menu, like scroll lists.
  • Server error messages in messageboxes.
  • CP1251 support. (Place CP1251 fonts.wad to your game directory)
  • Blood Stream is re-implemented again to match GoldSrc.
  • localinfo support(for AMXModX, thanks @THE-Swank).
  • RCon Redirect support. ("redirect N" command, where N is number of next sended lines)
  • Enabled sound resample support in SDL backend.
  • Added help by -help command line argument.
  • Android: proper mouse support through NVidia SHIELD mouse extension. .
  • Android: Write test on engine start. If write test has failed, app asks user about different game data location.
  • Android: Google Play Games support. Not used yet ;)
  • Android: Xash3D FWGS is now runs as a Service. To run background server, you need to enable android_sleep (Multiplayer/Customize/Adv. Controls/Pause in background(android)).
  • Windows: Properly working m_ignore.


  • Client-side player interpolation.
  • Server PMove respects client's prediction settings and does not sends extra sound.
  • Workaround for Stupid GLES Bug.
  • Safe config writing.
  • Transparency and color in studio model renderer.
  • FFADE_LONGFADE flag support in ScreenFade engine message.
  • Unicode's way to work changes. HUD text are interpreted as UTF-8 only if hud_utf8 is set to 1. This fixes some russificators.
  • Fixed server crash on player disconnect(pvPrivateData == NULL).
  • Fix connect to servers with different delta.lst.
  • Fix connecting to servers with different messages lists.
  • Fixed starting server with +map arg.
  • Fix wav loading.
  • Fix crash when cannot open log file.
  • Do not unload server library (fix metamod and some bots crash).
  • "status" command formatting (thanks, @FreeSlave)
  • Linux: workaround for proper fullscreen(with video mode changing).
  • Linux: touch support.
  • FreeBSD & OSX: fixed http downloader
  • Linux & OSX: Autodetect gamedll_linux and gamedll_osx name
  • Windows: touch controls with unsupported client dlls(without unified input extensions).
  • Android: evdev(root only) mouse support improvements.

This is a probably last major release with current protocol. Newer versions will be using another, non-compatible protocol.


Now we just need custom .dll support in the future and this is perfect!

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a1batross Author

What do you mean about custom .dll?

Mods and games should work, except games using VGUI2(like Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat).

-dll and -clientlib commandline arguments exists since... I even don't remember when it was added.

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I posted about issues playing Afraid of Monsters DC a few updates ago and you told me that mods aren't supported that use custom .dll's.

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a1batross Author

Ah... You mean Android platform? I think, it's not possible at all.

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Can you use the NVIDIA SHIELD mouse extension on other devices? If so, how?

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a1batross Author

I heard, this should work also on newer Android versions, starting from 7.x. But I don't have one, so can't confirm.

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Does that mean that cz deleted scenes should work properly on android now? And you mean we won't ever get to play mods like brain bread on android?:(

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CZ deleted scenes partially playable on pc with original cz ds server and pc-version of cs16client under xash3d fwgs.
For full compatibility with pc-version of cz ds needed vgui2 support yet.
To make cz ds playable on android needed to rewrite many parts into mainui, cs16client and regamedll_cs.

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How do I get into VR mode on android?

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