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Hello, it's Xash3D again with its' final double update in the year 2012! Check the Downloads section and get fresh Xash3D Engine build 2153 + XashXT mod/toolkit v0.61.

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Hello, it's Xash3D again with its' final double update in the year 2012! Check the Downloads section and get fresh Xash3D Engine build 2153 + XashXT mod/toolkit v0.61. Now both Xash3D and XashXT have support for new extended map format - BSP version 31. This format is based on Half-Life BSP map format (version 30), but has increased up to 3 times limit for clipnodes + improved lightmaps and subdivide for faces. Increased limit for clipnodes makes possible to create really big complex maps with much more objects on them (or with better detalization). Improved lightmaps and subdivide give you much more smoothed shadows on any BSP31 map, without loosing of perfomance. And of course there are also some little bug fixes and other minor improvements + updated documentation, tools (e. g. new compilers for BSP31 format) and source codes. Happy New Year!

Xash3D Engine changelog (since build 2015):

build 2153

Render: added cvar "gl_nosort" that disables sorting of translucent surfaces

build 2148

Engine: implement support of new BSP format that called BSP31
Engine: added new feature - big lightmaps 256x256 instead of 128x128. It's working with new BSP31 format
Render: new texture viewer implemented (navigate pages with arrow keys)
Engine: added cvar "gl_keeptjunctions" from Quake (removes a collinear points, economy some vertexes)
Sound: test option: release sentence sounds after playing
Engine: rewrited code for anti (_-=ZhekA=-_) system (screenshot overlay)
Console: fix cursor's moving if autocomplete has failed on second or all next arguments
Engine: release all elements of client game cvar (was potential memory leak)
Engine: test option: allow change game for dedicated servers
Server: added default case for Studio Blending Interface while server is not loaded (e.g. remote connection). Here was a potential crashpoint.
Engine: parse "wad" field from entity string and use wad ordering for loading textures that may have matched names but placed in different wads
Network: change protocol to 47. Old demos will stop working
Network: rewrite delta-comparing code. In theory this may reduce a network traffic
Server: fixed crash on fast switching between singleplayer and multiplayer
Server: optimize MOVETYPE_COMPOUND code
Server: added missed flag FL_FAKECLIENT for bots

build 2112

Engine: fix bug with ambient sounds that won't writes into demo
Client: allow plaque 'loading' between demos change
Client: make work fade flag FFADE_MODULATE
Render: fixed underwater fog recursive leaf search code (thx XaeroX)
Render: replace all 'random' calls in CL_RocketTrail code from RANDOM_LONG to rand() to get more compatibility with original quake particles
Render: adding default studiomodel bbox for right culling client static entities
Sound: add info about background track state into console command "s_info"
Sound: increase static channels count up to 128
Client: write background track state into demo
Engine: fix crash when typing "cvarlist" into console
FS: allows lookup system files into root directory (e.g. vgui.dll etc)
Engine: added new command "modellist" (prints list about all loaded models)
Engine: added terminator for entity string to have a guaranteed valid end of the entity string
Engine: purge all fake bmodels from previous map when server is changed
Memory: increase check for filename debug length from 32 to 128 characters
Server: looped background tracks that were specfied in worldspawn settings
Engine: fix bug with recorded demos in Quake Remake after changelevel
GameUI: 'gamestartup.mp3' now are looped (main menu background track)
Server: fix the SV_StudioSetupBones interface declaration error (thx maricool)
Render: change MAXSTUDIOTEXTURES limit from 128 to 256
Client: change passed argument for HUD_Frame callback from cl.time to host.frametime (thx XWider)
Client: remove screen align to prevent deform on resolution 1366x768
FS: do check if mod folder (specified by "gamedir" parameter in liblist.gam) is really existed (this helps to avoid of creating new empty folder for the mod)
GameUI: checkbox "Allow Software" replaced with "Vertical Sync" in menu "Video Modes"

XashXT changelog (since version 0.6):

version 0.61

Render: get support for new engine feature "Large lightmaps"
Render: get support for BSP31 map format
Render: fix sorting translucent surfaces
Render: update mirrors and portals code to prevent draw himself through another mirror\portal
Render: recalc player view for flashlight while player looks through camera
Render: recalc player view for func_monitor while player looks through camera
Render: add new flag for FUNC_MONITOR - CF_NOASPECT (render the image with aspect 1:1 instead of 4:3)
Render: fix bug with FBO and func_monitor
Render: fix crash when static entities is present on a level
Server: added a target for func_rotating (fire when blocked by somewhat)
Server: do check for invalid lightstyle for func_light (prevent to disable light for all map)
Server: added an extra velocity for crossbow bolt if player standing on a moving surface
Server: rewrite code for env_static old version was buggy
Server: fix a litle bug in pushablemaker and physboxmaker
Server: fix few bugs in func_platform code
Server: added a new entity (came from SOHL) - scripted_trainsequence
Server: fix few bugs in func_train, added new event - activate field "netname" while train rest at the corner
Server: added an extra velocity for snarks if player standing on a moving surface
Server: fix bug in UTIL_FireTargets when trying to extract activator name from the targetname
Server: add feature for multi_manager - USE_SET causes firing all the targets immediately
Server: let the trigger_push find him target and simulate trigger_push from Q3 Arena
Server: new entity - trigger_impulse. Fire the target on a map while player send an impulse command like "impulse 1"
Tools: update BSP compilers to VHLT 30

P. S. All the archives are packed in 7-Zip format. Check the official site if you need a tool to open them.

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