Post news RSS x64 update, or is that an early April 1st joke?

New release is here, featuring new sounds, performance optimization, increase stability, 1 new campaign mission with hero battleship, and 1 possibly as a joke racing scenario!

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unfortunately, it isn't. See, this project got started a long long time ago, and back then I though who needs all those bits anyway!
Now, after I already had some problems with limited memory available (mostly related to doing memory allocation like an idiot), I ran
into some problems with my scripts, which I hoped library update would fix (it didn't, the actual error was forgetting to add reference
when deserializing objects in some cases). But the library had project only for new visual studio, so I decided to upgrade to new
visual studio. And while I was at it and I needed to rebuilt all libraries used, I decided that it might be a good oportunity
to switch to x64 as well. It all turned out to be pretty much painless, except for a bug where debris generation stopped working correctly,
which turned out to be caused by some undefined behavior which behaved consistently for years...


Other than the technical fun above, I worked on some optimizations, because the latest mission was beginning to run like crap for various reasons
(slowscript due to unnecessary checking for breakpoints, slow finding of close objects to position, unnecessary reallocations when preparing rendering, etc.).
I also improved loading time for textures, because there was a lot of time spent waiting.<br />
Even though I'm not a big fan, I've added camera shake, which I try to limit to bigger explosions, so it isn't annoying. Along with that
I've added more sounds for guns and explosions, which I think helps a lot, after sounds being neglected for so long.

This release also brings you a new campaign mission, in which you control a very small fleet and a hero battleship. This hero gets more abilities
than standard battleship, so you better use them to win this mission! Some of these are reactor overload (get more energy in exchange for damage to reactor),
ignite resources (use resources on board to generate energy), microwarp (teleport 50km away, using energy), disable engines
(use on enemy to slow him down - useful to stop those ships running circles around you!), repairs (use a lot of energy to get some hitpoints back).

Last but not least, there is new joke completely serious scenario called Pod Tow racer! Here you control 4 ships towing other one around a space race track!
If your idea of fun is racing with RTS controls, this is your lucky day!


Download here or at

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