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X3: Time Of The Truth v1.1 released. A lot of bugs and errors fixed. Compatibility with game patch v3.1.

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- the mod was adjusted to 3.1 game's version;
- previously found errors were fixed;
- sectors’ names were colored;
- some performance increasing changes were made;
- the ships of M8 class were changed: they act as assault ships from now on;
- the new pirate boarding corvette of "Clipper", being able to contain 30 marines, was added;
- a player’s game achievements rewarding system was added;
- SETA’s automatic shutdown while menu-navigating via keyboard was disabled;
- the Neptune sector’s gates, which appear after the Oldrin plot or the “CPU: Far reconnaissance” plot were fixed;
- all the plot-stations were fixed: after any plot’s finishing, its quest stations become “mortal”;
- oldrin traders were fixed;
- after a ship’s capturing, its cargo-bay’s upgrade remains unchanged;
- a game difficulty levels were added. They affect the speed of the reputation’s; combat and trade ranks’ growth; quantity of different tasks and mini-missions; and it also affects quantity of combat patrol ships in the races’ core sectors;
- briefings and aim-indicators for the mod's main plot were added;
- the maximum amount of credits, that a player can have at the account, was increased up to one Quadrillion of credits - 1 000 000 000 000 000;
- SETA's maximum limit is 20х from now on;
- when a new game starts, hull/sheids are indicated in percents on default from now on;
- the built-in equipment of M0-class ships now incudes Life support system, "Jump to point" module, scanner C-6, indicating objects within 60 km radius;
- the translation into polish language was added;
- "USC Customs Department license" was added;
- even if there are more than 12 cannons in a turret, you'd be able to change them via weapons menu;
- X3 Reunion's medals, indicating the ranrks' increase, were returned;
- xenon ships' boarding defence factor was slightly reduced;

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