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The much anticipated 2.1 update, which features a host of new content, is now available to download from

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The much anticipated 2.1 update, which features a host of new content, is now available to download from

A couple of months have passed since Terran Conflict 2.0 was released around the world and particularly for the first time in the United States. We welcome any new fans who have recently discovered the X-Universe. In keeping with Egosoft’s commitment to post-release support and enhancement of our games, we’re very happy to announce the release of the 2.1 update.

Update 2.1 features the Treasure Hunt Mission, created by a group of mission programmers from our community. The mission will have you searching for a stolen carrier, its crew and its precious and unique cargo. Also, after several years of ignoring petitions, the Commonwealth Economic Body has finally approved the creation of Large Crystal Fabs, available to all industry moguls across the universe. In military news, industry giant, Bala Gi Research, has taken a lucrative contract to improve enemy-detection algorithms in sensor systems, boosting Sector Patrol efficiency. As a result, several Spaceweed companies have taken out additional insurance policies on their freighters.

Again, the DevNet testers have been hard at work making sure that this update reaches you in the best condition possible. A big thanks to all who have helped in its development. Other features of the update include a performance boost, the functionality for the game to continue running while in windowed mode or minimised, improved tractor beam tow behaviour, additional marine information in several menus and several ships tweaked.

Terran Conflict players who bought their game from Steam are reminded that their Steam client will automatically update the game and that there is no need to download the patch from

Click here to be taken to the 2.1 update download page.

There is additional news on X3: Terran Conflict 2.1, as well as other news, in Edition 37 of the X-Universe News.

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