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The latest release of the X20 Mod is now available! Compatible with Unofficial Patch 10.7.

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X20 1.5 is updated and designed for compatibility with VTMB Unofficial Patch 10.7 Final.

X20 Basic can be used with any mod, but X20 Plus is designed specifically for the Unofficial Patch. Note that Plus does not contain the textures from Basic: you'll need to download both Basic and Plus for the full experience.

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Currently on X20 1.5:

  • General: Fixed wall calendar to October 2004 instead of October 2002
  • General: Fiona is an admitted trash goblin
  • General: X20 added to end credits
  • Downtown: Improved Confession tapestry appearance
  • Downtown: Grout's mansion now has a Victorian Malkavian tile pattern
  • Hollywood: Changed "Hollywood Eternal" sign to "Hollywood Forever"
  • Hollywood: Gave Gary a Tap Hotel poster
  • + General: Updated a number of files for compatibility with Unofficial Patch 10.7 Final.
  • + General: Made skillbooks sellable again, tweaked some descs
  • + General: Tweaked some computer displays for readability and... obvious...ness.
  • + Santa Monica: Tweaked some subtitles
  • + Santa Monica: Killing two birds with one stone, changed "Cathayan" to "Wan Kuei."

X20 Basic 1.5:

X20Mod 1.5 Basic

X20 Plus 1.5:

X20Mod 1.5 Plus

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