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This news includes the latest trailer and images as well as the latest development news of the mod.

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Trailer?, not another video

Latest News

I have been working on the universe map(s) and found a problem with the universe i have converted from x3 the reunion. The main problem is that some of the equipment and stations does not exist and that you will not have the x3tc weapons and stuff. So I am now making a xbtf style map, and other scenario maps such as a xenon vs terran.

Beta versions and testing

I have set up a social group on the TXU forum for the mod(s) betas. When i have at least one working universe map I will upload the first beta (there).

X1PF TC Trailer 1

I have made a trailer for the new version of the mod on terran conflict. The trailer video is recorded in a xenon sector on the xbtf style map, the video also demonstrates the performance gain of the mod as the universe is still intact with hundreds if not thousands as ships roaming the universe and I got a decent frame per second count.

Video Notes
Download the good quality video on moddb
Please rate the video on youtube
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Last notes

Thanks to:
Moddb - for hosting and spreading the word of the mod.
LV - for allowing me to combine his RRF mod.
Ulfius - for his continued support in this mod and the X1TP mod, the combat mod 3 is the core of this new mod.
TXU - for you continued support
EGOSOFT - for a potentially good game.

Image notes:
You probably noticed that the FRAPS counter is in each of the images above, this is because I took the pictures when I was recording the trailer. I tried to make the mod as performance friendly as I can, as you notice in the screenshots I have a good FPS even though I was recording. The recording took place in a fully functional XBTF style universe so you can see how much performance gain I have managed.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment.


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