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I have been working hard at the mod for many months now and recently got a massive support by the users on the website saying this mod looks like it could be the next best mod, that is a nice thought but we will have to see about that!

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News 05

Latest Developement News, cool new pictures!!

Latest News

I have been working hard since the last news and have improved the graphics on the mod immensely. I have added lens flares and smoke trails from the engines to make them look more powerful, this was one of my main goals and it looks good now I have done it. I have all the x2 ships I want in the mod for the first release and only one or two bugs need fixing with them. I expect the mod to be released soon.

Beta versions and testing

I have set up a social group on the TXU forum for the mod(s) betas. When i have at least one working universe map I will upload the first beta (there).


I did do a strain test of the mod to test if it crash to desktop, so far so good. But I also took some screenshots for you with the latest fixes including making the lens flares smaller. I have deliberately tried not to show and more features of the mod, you just have to find out when you try it.

Earlier Version Images

Warning!!! 1024 x 76 images

01/04/2009 Images

Warning!!! 1600 x 1200 images:

1600 X 1200 IMAGES TAKEN ON:

  • 1600 x 1200 x 32 resolution
  • High Texture Quality
  • High Shader Quality
  • More Dynamic Light Sources
  • Ship Colour Variations
  • AQC
  • 8x Antialiasing
  • 16x Anisotropic Texture Filtering
  • Glow Enabled

Last notes

Thanks to:

  • Moddb - for hosting and spreading the word of the mod.
  • LV - for allowing me to combine his RRF mod.
  • Ulfius - for his continued support in this mod and the X1TP mod, the combat mod 3 is the core of this new mod.
  • TXU - for you continued support
  • EGOSOFT - for a potentially good game.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment.


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