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Another news item in 10 days, another release but this time a trailer for the next full beta. (X1: Past and Future beta 2.0)

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X1: Past and Future Mod Beta 2.0

For X3: Terran Conflict


I know this is soon after the release of the X1PF Beta 1.1 mod, but that shows how quickly I'm getting on with the mod. However this news item is about the released of the trailer to promote the beta 2.0 mod.

In this trailer it shows the new xenon ships and engine effects of the 2.0 mod. It also shows you some of the features in the 1.1 mod that you would not of seen if you haven't played the mod.

So without any more text holding you up, here it is....



X1PF Beta 2.0 Trailer Mirrors:

X1PF Beta 1.1 Mod Mirrors:

Thanks to

- Ulfius for the Combat Mod
- LV for the RRF mod
- DIGSIN for the converted EMP mod
- TXU for the continued support
- Moddb for the advertising and hosting.
- Street21309 for reporting the graphics bug

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