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Good, another news post to write. In this news article there is a video, pictures, current developements and a change log since the mod started. Enjoy.

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Cool new media!

Hi, welcome to the X-UNIVERSE mod media news. To start off with, I have put this video together a couple of days ago to visually show you the subtle changes in the mod. The video has gone a little bit out of date already as I have released another plugin after but anyway here it is...

Now the Current DevelopmentsI have worked on the asteriods hence the 'Alternative Asteriod Texture Mod', also a new x2 style bullets mod and finally some more work done to the HUD mod.

Here is the latest versions:
(The links are the direct to the latest download of each mod, they are hosted off site on my server and moddb will not be held responsible if there is any problems)
-> v2.0.0.3 Main Mod
----> v0.0.0.4 Graphics addon
-------------> v0.0.0.5 Planet Improvement plugin
-------------> v0.0.0.1 Alternative Asteroid Texture Mod
----> v0.0.0.2 Smaller Map addon
----> v0.0.0.2 Music addon
----> v0.0.0.1 X2 Style Bullet Mod
----> v0.0.0.1 Vital Mod Update
----> v0.0.0.3 HUD Mod


Comparison pictures:
Asteroid Comparison  Comparisons Comparisons Comparisons

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Any comments welcome and don't forget to track this mod!

Thanks to...
  • .. Moddb for hosting, advertising, publicity.
  • .. EGOSOFT for a great game.
  • .. Supporters, thanks for getting me back into this.
  • .. Anon Loyalist for the music.
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