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X-mas is near again and just like the tradition we'll give you one present a day.

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X-mas is near again and just like the tradition we'll give you one present a day.

So on the first of December I'll post a picture of the mod or something like that. The second of December too etc. Wich means that I'm posting 28 things in 28 days :)

But the time isn't there yet but I still have some good news for this situation:

1: Team colors.
I've found this xml file called 'Gameconstants' wich contains a lot of custumisable thing for the game including the team colors. I've also changed the tractor beam (It's now blue) and the Corruption cloud color but that isn't stable yet (Changed it to black because it's now wormhole influence. Will be explained later). I'm also looking for the projectile/particle colors but I'm not sure if they're in there too.

2: Facebook.
For the people who didn't knew it we also have a Facebook page ( and when we've achieved 100 likes I'll post special thing on the mod page. What that thing is is a surprise off course ;)

3: POSSIBLE new Earth Alliance minor hero.
Before complaining and messing around about this please read this entire thing!
So on Facebook I've got a very special friend: Justin Bieber (DON'T COMPLAIN BEFORE YOU'RE AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE!!!) and I'd like to use him as a minor hero so I send him a message and now I'm awaiting his answer. If you don't like JB you should keep this in mind:
You'll probably like killing him on the Battlefield and you aren't obligated to recruit him.

Final thing is that I've got exams from 12 to 19 December and I have to study for that so I can't work on the mod then. (Off course I can take care of those X-Mas presents I promised you :P)

Well, you're fully up to date now ;)

Take care and happy X-Mas to all of you! (I know it's a bit early lol)


Galen512 - - 413 comments

ehm lol? Justin Bieber ?!

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RCsevrocks - - 90 comments

That would be great to finally take my anger out on Justin Bieber. Never recriut him but always kill him

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oldguy654 - - 30 comments

bieber as a hero.... for some reason i find that epic not sure why?

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-IllusiveMan- - - 1,029 comments

lol seriously, bieber? xDD special attack would be killer voice that drives other crazy xDD not good idea at all lol.... xDDD

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mapayne - - 621 comments

megavin. If you have half an ounce of sense for god sakes do not include this kind of minor hero. You can try to justify it all you want, but there are some things which should be left out. I gaurentee you, your mod will end up a laughing stock and I seriously don't see any website worth its salt will host it (aside from this one as they'll seemingly host anything these days). I really do think you've finally decided not to take what could be a decently made mod seriously in any way.

Still. There is one bright side. When and if your mod gets finished and released I'm sure there will be a few who download it just to rip it to pieces (and in the 11 years I've been modding I've seen this happen to EVERY large scale project thats ever been released).

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megavin123 Author
megavin123 - - 1,024 comments

I know what I'm doing. When it's done I'll upload the mod and you can download Bieber seperately

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mapayne - - 621 comments

Lets hope so.

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The_Rider_1 - - 406 comments

killing bieber, hmmmmmmm. (pictures bieber fighting an AT-AT) heh heh heh.

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