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For now this mod based on Unreal 4 Engine. Many tasks is now simpler, than it was earlier.

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Task list:
- Aliens AI (completed basically: Sectoid, Razordisc, Cyberdisc, Sentinel, Alien Generator)
- PowerUps (completed basically: Data Points, Bonus Letters, Invulnerable, Invisibility, and few other things)
- Game HUD (completed basically: In-Game HUD, menu and settings in progress). Planned with language switching option.
- Professor\Enforcer\Boss\Pilot\Human speaking, with language switching option (self-completed).
- Weapons (1 from 12)
- Mutators and multiplayer (not completed)
- Graphics with optional switching HD\SD (not completed)
- Levels with optional switching HD\SD (completed basically: 5 SD-levels from 40)

Common status: beta-candidate.

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