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Wyrmsun's patch 1.1.9 is now live, bringing a reworking of the Germanic and Teuton building shadows, and implementing a new feature - day/night cycles.

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Wyrmsun version 1.1.9 is now live, bringing a number of improvements.

First of all, the shadows of the Germanic and Teuton buildings have been thoroughly improved:

Teuton Building Shadows

And new feature has been implemented - day/night cycles. The time of the day not only has a visual effect, but also impacts the vision of certain units - human units get +1 sight during the day and -1 during the night, while for goblins and kobolds it is the other way around. The vision of dwarves and gnomes is not affected by the time of the day.

Night Goblin Night Vision

A quality of life improvement has also been made: it is now possible to reverse the direction of the mouse wheel dragged scrolling by selecting an option in the preferences menu while playing a scenario.

Wyrmsun v1.1.9

Happy playing!

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