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McDROID web site online and soon to be connected to GLACeNTO head quarter.

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After about two times too long, we finally added the web site and it includes the requested list of features and a few links to the youtube videos.
We will put more stuff on it, maybe original artwork or the early concept?

Features include :

  • ​Control the McDROID farming/combat modular robot and protect your shuttle in story mode.
  • Co-op mode: Gather your friends to play through the story mode together OR Stand against an overwhelming army of mutants in special co-op challenge modes OR If you are stuck on a level, press the “CALL FOR BACKUP” button and someone can join to help.
  • Simple to pick up controls mean anyone can play.
  • Choose your strategy! Like to turtle up while sipping a brew? Deploy everything and stay behind the perimeter, Rather get your hands dirty? Charge in with your favourite weapon on your back.
  • Persistence: after finishing a level on normal you can continue where you left off on a harder difficulty keeping your modules, plants and consumables.
  • High on personality! Each enemy has their own personality so you’ll have to adapt. Even your weapons love to chatter - so you can tell which one is being eaten, how much of it is left and which way the enemies are coming from.
  • Mutation everywhere! Don’t leave your strawberries unattended or they’ll mutate, and if they don’t, monsters will eat them and gain new powers. Corruptors are the worst as they’ll turn your fields into something really nasty.
  • Bliss and Corruption! Double your harvest and weapon output with bliss. Beware of corruption as it’ll damage your gear, kill your crops and boost your enemies.
  • 6 upgradable module types: build laser, missile launchers, tesla coils, BOT factories, bliss engine, and repair pods to help defend and harvest.
  • Research : use blue diamonds to research upgrades and unlock new sub-routines like the punching BOT.
  • Consumables : spend blue diamonds on land mines, bliss pods and missile bots.
  • Upgrade : buy upgrades from MK1 to MK4, increase the number of chain attack of your tesla coils, the range of your lasers to the mighty rail gun, from micro missile to massive damage grenades
  • 22 monsters: melee, ranged, mutator, toxifier, monster generators.
  • Put a factory module on your back and little droid helpers will follow you like puppies. But the cool kind of puppies, who can zap down mutants with micro tesla coils.
  • Zoom out to a birds-eye view or right up close to use third person controls (not for the faint of heart!)
  • Cloud saving: Start to play on your PC and when you’ve really gotta go, switch to the iPad.
  • 60s rock: It’s the new dubstep, but if you prefer the old dubstep, hook in your iPod and turn off our music.
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