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The start of WWC,a series of mods for Q3A and Wolf:ET

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VR Q3A is the start of a series of mods I hope to create between Quake 3 Arena, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, maybe Jedi Academy, and a completely independent stand-alone game.

I started this mod because I wanted to code, then realized that I had an old Oculus DK1 lying around that I never used. Like I thought, the mod is way, way more fun than it looks, and I can't wait to have more time to work on it.

Some current features:

  • -Freeaim that basically handles like a VR game would without an HMD
  • -Added ironsights to all weapons except the gaunetlet and BFG, even the machinegun, which makes no sense
  • -Changing hands like Quake 2
  • -Setting the maximum gap between the weapon and your view while using ironsights or hipfire
  • -Some other things I can't remember

I actually completed this a while ago but soon got overwhelmed. The release date has yet to be determined as I am currently preoccupied, but I intend to get it out as soon as possible.

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