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Our approach for realistic skin as real-time shader and our Roadmap for 2012. And we decided to release [w]tech as Freeware...

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Realistic Skin

One of the current challenges of real-time graphics is to simulate realistic skin. If you just handle skin as it were a normal object like a stone it will look like a stone. Skin modulates the lighting, it eliminates hardness and the flesh beneath it absorps light and reflects it in a different color. We have made a practical approach, maybe you know the term "SubSurfaceScattering". We are faking this effect very expenssive effect with low need of perfomance. Everything is done in the skin shader: At first we catch the direct lighting and blur it, while the edges are saved from bluring. Then we modulate the color of the lighting and apply it to the skin.

As you can see on the third screenshot, details are still intact and can be used for the specular lighting. We only blur the lighting, not the whole shader.


This is our roadmap for 2012:

In addition a small timeline which should illustrate the order of our releases. Because this graphic is about releases, [w]tech 0.18 and 0.19 are not listed. These are internal milestones.

Whereas we have decided not to release the source code, we made the decision to enable you to use [w]tech for non-commercial projects as well as for commercial ones without financial charge. So in fact,

[w]tech will be released as Freeware!

Bermuda - Skin Shader

_1dt3k_ - - 54 comments


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AVittoz - - 65 comments

Very simple but effective, well done!

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Jok3r098 - - 236 comments

if its free why no source?

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soile - - 8 comments

Looks too mushy.

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unrealer2 Author
unrealer2 - - 74 comments

Another screenshot with much more specular lighting:

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