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A rather exciting announcement in regards to the finalization of the Worry of Newport's story, as well as clarifying some old patches.

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Mythos & Future Projects

Part 1 Director's Cut and Part 2 are to be the only entries in the Worry of Newport series or mythos. No further expansion is planned as we are all over saturated with it. Nothing such as a prologue, a game with Dorian Caulm or Alan Marsh, or anything at all, will most likely come to fruition for quite some time. Part 1 and Part 2 is the complete story!

Now, with that out of the way, this leads me to a slightly hypocritical but still fitting announcement of a written-word novella (not a game or mod at all) which will be posted here in .pdf within a month. It will be thiryish pages long, illustrated by Rana Winkelmann, and written by myself. It concerns Edgar Gray and Alan Marsh' relationship and the last few years before August 5th, 1935, happened as well as introducing the protagonist himself.

This is being written by request of (six) fan requests to flesh out the backstory more, so I hope you guys will enjoy that announcement. It will tie off some loose ends and bring out Alan Marsh's character more.

Once this is out, done is done with Newport as we are all very happy with the story and finished product.

Now, onto a new announcement...

Dark Craft Studios

I'm happy to announce jason187781 and I have paired up after the release of tWoN and opened shop on an official free crysis and crysis 2 modding team. We will be hiring additional vocal and musical talent per project, of course, but together we have split development duties down the middle to bring you guys equally polished horror/mysteries in the future just like Newport.

I cannot divulge any details about our new project, but it will be built upon Cryengine 3 and wonderfully polished. I will most likely be doing writing duties once again, but it will be on an entirely new mythos. And with that, I cannot say more, but look towards holiday season 2011 for the official announcement of our next project.


If you've been keeping an eye on the comments section you'd have noticed that Part 1 and Part 2 got patched since release. Part 2, in particular, has received over 35 bug fixes and engine enhancements since release and I figure its well enough to note this rather than keep it in the background. So if your initial playthrough crashed or had some glitches, the final versions up now have virtually none except for Crysis related errors we cannot fix.

Changelog for the combined patches below.


  • Severe lagging when pressing the F button has been fixed, restoring smooth FPS throughout Part 2. Credits to Erndog2k.
  • Over half a dozen "crash points" examined and fixed
  • Three areas where you could literally fall through the map have been fixed
  • Part 2 & 1 wide stability drastically improved through enhanced workset, optimization, and asset purging design upgrades to Newport Engine 3.
  • Over a dozen glitchy props removed and replaced with stable brushes of identical quality.
  • Reinforce player barriers in Part 2
  • Remove floating person in colony
  • Fix bug in ending cutscene for Part 2

Newport Engine 3 Enhancements:

  • Newport Engine 3 Vegetation optimized to its final abilities, bringing performance up 50% since release on the 9th. ***1
  • Lighting tweaked and finalized in all scenes, introducing both additional realism and graphics clarity where it was too dark.
  • Severely bland vegetation in Swamp level improved drastically to match quality of other scenes.
  • *Artwork blended into loading screens better; captions added to them.
  • RAM usage reduced from 1.5GB to 0.8GB through optimization
  • Fix distant scenery bugs by lowering view distance to 500.

Audio Refinements:

  • Narrator audio rebalanced further to improve ducking and audibility.
  • Some improper sound placements replaced with correct sounds (Door slams sounding like electric sockets, etc.)
  • Incorrect sound ques corrected, you'll hear more ambient sounds in some scenes now, and "dead silence" in others has been fixed. Thanks to Zigg447 for bringing this to our attention.

Newport Colony Enhancements:

  • Enabling r_ColorGrading=1 by default
  • *Over a dozen new props added to the buildings of Newport Colony
  • Over 24 decal spots, blood, bullet casings, etc.
  • *Two new readable book pages, not rendering previously for some reason, re-introduced to the colony.
  • Notes:
  • ***1 tested with i7 920 and a GTX 480. June 9th build yielded 28FPS in Second Winter Scene. June 19th build yielded 42FPS.
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