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A brief look at the development process of creating finalised text for the game.

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So far, our news updates have largely been focused on presenting the audiovisual elements of our game, such as concept art, characters, music and so on. But, as unlikely as it might seem, there is actually some writing work involved in making a visual novel. An unsettling revelation perhaps, but an undeniable truth nonetheless.

So, how does the writing process work here at Lemon Curd Games?

Well, as is often the case with creative work in general, it's an iterative process so it varies somewhat depending on what element is being worked on. But to keep this article from being approximately the length of the written works of Classical Europe, I'll describe how an encounter between the player and the cats they encounter.

To begin with, the writer or writers discuss what event the encounter will revolve around, each one typically centred around one particular event. From that core idea, the choices, results and consequences are worked out. Then, a rough draft is written, where each choice and result is given text. Then, from that first draft, a second draft is made. Once both of these are complete they are reviewed, and the text passing said reviewing process is compiled into a final draft.

While hardly as glamorous as some of the other work that goes into a game, certainly less visually appealing as the art or interesting to listen to as music, but we hope that you've enjoyed this piece of insight.

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