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Here's my approach to writing complex, branching, and meaningful conversations in my indie adventure game Postmortem: one must die. Took many attempts to figure out a good way so sharing the lessons!

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Our Political Narrative-adventure playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation has been often complimented for it's intricate dialogue:

PCGamer Said:

"... example of how to write nuanced characters with a reach into complex late-game branching narratives ... which happens little elsewhere in videogameland."
- Cara Ellison,

USGamer Said:

"... video games can function as a medium for important messages and Postmortem is a prime example of that."
- Cassandra Khaw, USGamer.Net

So in our Official DevBlog I shared the approach we took in writing these convos, braking it into the following steps:

  1. The Editor – setting yourself up right
  2. General Concept
  3. Distill and Make game-ready
  4. Conversation Outline
  5. Narrative Beats and Branching Filler
  6. Non-essential side branches
  7. Test, Refine, Repeat


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Postmortem Game Conversations: Beats and Fillers

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