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Hello Wreckage fans! We come to you once again with an update about the work of Marwin Misselhorn and the first gamplay video.

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Hello Wreckage fans! We come to you once again with an update about the work of Marwin Misselhorn and the first gamplay video. Marwin is responsible for the programming work and the scripting of the first of three levels. To say it simply it's is his passion to assemble all the loose elements to a playable game.

Flow Graphs:

The most extensive task are the Flow Graphs. They need to be arranged in a modular construction system and controlls all the actions in-game like the mission objectives or the movement of your teammates. In this picture you can see a detail of his work, these FlowGraphs are needed for less than 20 minutes play time!

Wreckage -  FG

Subtitle system:

Thanks to our nice assisting voice actors we have high quality dialogues in Wreckage, but of course english subtitles also. To show them like in the original Crysis we have to write a special code for each of the sentences with the description of all sound effects that should put on the dialogue. For example there are typical radio or background effects like weapons and explosions.

So he wrote this programm where you could select the speaker character, the volume of the voice and it's effects. The "background fading" controls how quiet all other sounds will be if this dialogue is spoken and the "character function" controls the colour of the subtitle.

Subtitle system

Objective system:

From Rainy Days we learned how difficult it is to lead the player to do the correct things in the right time! In addiction to the leading leveldesign and the instructions of the other teammates there is a point in the game environment that shows you the current duty in real time.

Name system:

According to this system, name notifications are used for a definite identification of the story characters, as soon as a person is focused.

Wreckage - Objectives/Name system

A= The displayed name has to be in front of the underline
B= The script
C= The ingame result

Gameplay Trailer I:

This is where it all starts, the beginning of the first level of Wreckage. You and your squadmates overrun an adversarial village in search for the hostage Dr. Lyra Hendricson.

We hope this gives you a small taste of what the mod will be like! This video was recorded before the objective system was finished, so this is the alpha stage. In the final mod the tank shouldn't drive so fast in the village.

The trailer shows what we call "introductive gameplay", we took the standart Crysis situations and created a new one with a few modifications like the teammates, in the next trailer you could await the custom weapons and exciting indoor action at night, so stay tuned and we love to hear your feedback. :)


The tracer-effect for the car-mounted gun needs some work.
It looks pretty much static, or like some sort of laser.

Other than that it looks pretty decent.

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