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A new version of WotN: The Baltic - now with every issue fixed, with the music-mod re-added but heavily cut and edited compared to last year - and finally custom settlements in battle for all the factions! Place the mod inside of your Medieval II/Mods-folder and start it up by doubleclicking the .bat-file named "WotNbeta". The name of the WotN-folder must be "WotN" - also make sure when un-raring that you don't get mods/WotN/WotN - it should be mods/WotN. Enjoy this maybe final version by me.

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EDITED as of 2017-07/27 - Fixed issue with the Freyseyr settlement having mountainous terrain that made the real-time battles unplayable in that settlement, plus added historical names for Frankish cities.

- Now it's very much done in it's first version.

EDITED as of 2017-07/16 - Upload re-uploaded due to user Juzy90 at TWC contacting me and providing me with his work on traits and ancillaries for this mod. He mentioned he had been able to play over 100 turns in two campaigns with these changes - please report any bugs you may find in the game.

I have added his changes as well as removed some stuff i forgot to remove in the recent upload - like the music-folder.

In any case, i know of one bug that i can't fix and that is the Freyseyr-settlement - it has mountainous terrain that can't be clicked on. Neither the player nor the AI can move troops in that entire region on the battle-map but automatic battles work. - The only advice i can gve is to leave that area for the rebels and ignore it.

EDITED as of 2017-07/14 - upload of the new version re-uploaded like ten minutes ago! Everyone who downloaded the other version delete it and re-download this version - it fixes the faulthy bodyguards of the adopted family members for Kvenland and Rygjalandi.

This resulted in a silver surfer general for the Rygjalandi, and we wouldn't want riddarar-bodyguards for them - as well as a Huscarl bodyguard for the Kvens. These issues have been corrected like ten minutes ago so please re-download the mod.

Wrath of the Norsemen Beta 3.0!


1. Fixes all the remaining silver surfer officers, captains and generals as well as any other remaining such bug.

2. Adds missing portraits for the two sami units, as well as some Frisian/Saxon merc new unit portraits:

3. Changes the names of the Frisian/Saxon mercenaries to more easily identify them as mercs.

4. Re-adds the vast music-mod from last year - but with heavily edited and cut music tracks this time

- It's also in use by TLK:WotN - but the difference here is the music in use by the Saxons, Gwynedd, Alba and the two Irish factions aren't included in this mod - while on the other hand the music for the Slavs/Balts and Sami/Finns are now in use once more.

The Viking music for the Danes, Norse and Swedes etc is the same in both mods - but more common in this as this centers around Scandinavia.

5. Re-uses the old scripts for the single player campaign making the experience much better actually - for hotseat plz rename the "campaign_script"-file inside of data/world/maps/imperial_Campaign to something else - and then name the one labeled "campaign_script_hotseat" as "casmpaign_script"

- When playing with hotseat most of the scripts doesn't work past turn number two, while on the other hand if you play with working scripts the hotseat will CTD when trying to enter the campaign.

6. I've also added new strat-models for the Frankish captain and general, as well as made their capital into a town instead of a village - capital is now Osnabruck.

I have swaped some units around for the Eastern Franks in the campaign - they now have a better starting army with more varied units instead of the same sucking infantry - expect more cavalry in the starting army! But the size of the army is only slightly increased with like two or three units.

7. Also i've implemented new custom settlements for all factions. - Slavs and most Vikings share theirs:

- three out of four Norse vikings have different styled villages and towns but the same style in large town and cities:

- sami/finns do use the same as Alba will use in TLK:WotN:

- and finally the Franks have the Byzantium ones and is the only faction with civilized cities:

8. Marka Horses implemented as well as new animations:

9. I have removed the problem with rebel ships spawning in such a mass that it was impossible to use ships in the mod without cheating - now expect the factions to use ships against each other and without the rebels having dominance over the seas.

The mod is pretty much done now!

Place the mod inside of your Medieval II Total War/mods-folder and start it up by doubleclicking the .bat-file named "WotNbeta". The name of the WotN-folder must be "WotN" - also make sure when un-raring that you don't get mods/WotN/WotN - it should be mods/WotN.


- I have done all the work on this update myself.

- New traits and ancillaries have been added today 2017-07/16 by Juzy90.

But there are certain people who deserve credit as without them this wouldn't have been possible:

- The old WotN-team including Absinthia, Ulfhednin, Horsa and Leif Eriksson - for the base-mod, units and scripts etc! Basically all the groundwork and the whole 1.5 beta version. - My 2.0 were just some fixes really and without the music-mod (which was my big contribution to WotN) it weren't much.

- I am currently the only active developer of WotN, and i have permission from other old team-members such as Absinthia and Horsa - to continue this project. - I am an official developer on TWC for WotN.

- Danova and The Last Kingdom - for the Frankish captain and general strat models.

- There was a sharing agreement between Danova, creator of The Last Kingdom - and Wrath of the Norsemen. - There are proof of this on TWC, we have permission to use material such as the Frankish captain and general strat-models.

- Rhaymo and DBM - for the creation of the custom settlements in use by all factions.

- Rhaymo allows the use of DBM assets in other mods - alas we have permission to use the custom settlements.

- The EoR-mod and Deutschland etc - for the new slavic textures applied to the custom settlements by Rhaymo - the Viking/Slav custom settlements have re-textures from EoR.

- I am also an official developer of EoR (East of Rome) and Deutschland himself approved of this - i've gotten Darius permission to use assets from"The Danube Limes" in WotN - and as the custom settlements are Rhaymo's and were free to use for everyone i'd say permission exists for the re-textures also.


Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release version 3.0! Gautland VS Danmörk:


Looking great thus far!

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