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A new critical strike detection system which allows all damaging attacks to critically hit if desired. Also many cosmetic improvements for Models and Effects.

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-implemented a new critical strike system for healing, spells and physical attacks: Now each attack that does damage or healing can crit (only dots and spells that arent supposed to do not crit). Physical DPS classes crit for 2x and casters/healers crit for 1.5x of damage done, this means that the formula "75 x Level of Spell being cast + spelldamage" is no longer being used. ofcourse the spelldamage is being multiplied by 1.5x as well when landing a crit. the minimum amount of damage required for a spell critical is 35. in order for this system to work, all caster's autoattack has been changed from "physical" type to "wand", which deals only 15% to all armor types.
now that there are alot more critical hits, 3 things have been changed:
- +spelldamage is no longer shown above the target, only critical strikes are shown as red numbers which have the +spelldamage included
-resilience decrease the chance to be critically hit by ALL damaging attacks, not only spells, but its effect has been slightly decreased (5 resilience = 5% decreased critical)
-new gear with resilience has been added to the game

-Pets do not land criticals, but their resilience is equal to their master
-spelldamage is no longer applied instantly at the start of the spell, but at the impact of the missile
- "-spell" shows your spelldamage
- "-crit" shows your crit chance

-new Season 8 Items (defensive orientation) available for STR, AGI and INT (costs gold)
-new Tier 10 Items (offensive orientation) available for STR, AGI and INT (costs gold)
-many Items have been adjusted so that they are easier to build with the 1200 gold steps (for example an item that needed a 2000 gold reagent, now needs a 1000 gold reagent and a 1000 gold recipe)
-removed several items that didnt make sense or dont fit to the game (Aldori Defender, Zhardoom, Hellscream's Will, Frostguard, Thunderfury, Demonic Bulwark

-Windfury Totem now gives AOE attack speed bonus instead of WF proc (30% speed), but still grants next attack to proc WF
-Curse of Tongues cooldown lowered to 60 secs
-Intervene no longer procs Macestun on allies

-new Models/Skin for: Feral Bear, Human Holy Priest, Unholy DK, Draenei Blood DK, UD Destruction Warlock, NE Assa Rogue, Bloodelf Affliction Warlock
-several new effects for: vampiric embrace, corruption, unstable affliction, siphon life, devouring plague, prayer of mending, counterspell, arcane barrage, chains of ice, silence

You can download Version 4.1 at the official DL page:

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