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WoW Arena Allstars 3.1 running with 1.24 patch! Out Now!

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WoW Arena Allstars 3.1 has been released to fix issues that have occured because of the 1.24 Warcraft Patch.
This version runs with 1.24, and features lots of new imported Models/Skins/Icons.
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-removed the Deathgrip Jass Script, so the map works with 1.24. It has been temporarily replaced with a basic "puts target unit instantly to your feet" script, which is not that good optically but it does its job (thx to rain.)
-added new Models (or Skins) for most classes, as well as adding some new special effects etc. i added everything i wanted and i still ended up with ~1 mb unused space, which allows us to add further things in the future
-added some new icons for some classes
-replaced Infected Wounds with Feral Charge (Cat): You jump to your target and proc infected wounds for 4 / 6 / 8 seconds. 35 secs cd, 30 energy (looks cool)
-Arcane Barrage manacost increased
-Arcane Missiles manacost decreased

Have Fun!

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