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I haven't posted anything lately on moddb. This is the part when i tell you guys i had no time or motivation...noone cares, thing is, the series is back. Pointing out new or old mods, that are interesting or just simply awsome.

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This mod is certanly interesting. It's 1883, and our main character has to wake up early, cause there are wierd things happening outside. Turns out, it's sort of a zombie/demon invasion. Our hero gets his revolver and a few bottles of rum (rum gives armor ofc), and starts shooting.

But lets not spoil the mod (much). Thing is, it has a really good voiceacting, not professional, but does the job more than the usual mod voiceacters. Visually, the enemies are sort of reskins of the fedault hl1 creatures. However...and this is a big flaw: I had a lot of trouble with the first part. (and spoiler) The first few minutes are about defending the shop. However you dont get additinal ammo until the 3rd section. This means if you shoot all of your ammo away defending the shopkeeper, you wont have enough to defend yourself in the sewer.

The other major flaw is...YOU GUESSED IT FOLKS: FREAKIN HL1 NPC AI! It took me around 20 minutes to make the old guy open the door. I pushed him, ive shot him, ive reloaded the savegame over and over. He was just standing there, not even responding to my orders.

Altogether, the mod is a really unique adventure. Has to have some light and difficulty tweaking, and maybe for the next episode, change the engine.

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream

The modder himself was also featured on RTSL (or as we mortals call it: PlanetPhilip). A great inverview.

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