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During moding I did a few huge mistakes, and decided to list them here:

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1) To make a mod you need to be artist, or to have a friend artist, otherwise things will be bad. Many good guys will try to help you, but dont think that they are less lazy then you;
2) *most grave mistake* Dont try to add in SC more portraints than it have. In worst case you may try to replace existing ones. Dont ask why, just dont do it!
3) SCBW is a very old game, not very good to make mods under it. I hope I will be last, who will make a mod under this realy good, but too old game;
4) Dont try to use unused beta resources, they looks realy ugly but when you finaly understand it... You will be depressed like me now;
5) Delete from mpq archive all files, that you decided not to use, or you will much faster hit engine limits;
6) Make a backup every week or at least month. Otherwise one fail will spoil everithing. For example: I will recreate Gravity mod 1.0 from 0.9;

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