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A brief explanation about wormholes and stargates on Gemini Wars.

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In our last post, we talked briefly about how we’re implementing multiple star systems in GW.
Multiple star systems will be seen in more advanced missions of the campaign, and fully customizable on skirmish mode.

We believe that playing with multiple star systems will actually make GW a different game, closer to the gameplay of a 4X, than a typical RTS. Either way, we are very excited with how this is coming along.

Before ships are able to jump to another star system, the technology which allows us to use the incredible gravitational force of a wormhole needs to be researched.
A wormhole looks approximately like this:


After a wormhole is found, a stargate needs to be built before it can be used.

The stargate amplifies the power of the wormhole, and enables ships to use it to travel to another system. Of course that when ships reach another system, they can’t get back until a stargate is built on that system too. It might be advisable to send scouts first, before falling into a trap without a chance to retreat.

Wormhole with stargate

This stargate belongs to the USF. While this structure is operational, USF ships can use it to jump to the system that’s connected to this through the wormhole, at a speed about 10000 times faster than the ship’s impulse speed.



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Question though! Can enemies use your Stargate?

I could foresee some tactical advantages of fighting a defensive battle while you scuttle a stargate to delay the enemy from pressing toward your next system so you can shore up a defense :D

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nope, enemies can't use our stargate, but they can't build their own while ours is there :P

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