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I am currently looking for help with scripting, textures and modeling. Let me know if you are interested!

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10 New Units are completed and in-game.

New Units - Aircraft
*P-40 Warhawk - T1 Fighter - USA
*B-17 Flying Fortress - T1 Heavy Bomber - USA
*P-47 Thunderbolt - T2 Fighter-Bomber - USA
*P-51 Mustang - T3 Fighter - USA
*B-29 Stratofortress - T3 Heavy Bomber - USA
*B-29 Silverplate - Experimental Nuclear Bomber - USA
*F4F Wildcat - T2 Carrier Fighter - USA
*SBD Dauntless - T2 Carrier Dive-Bomber - USA

New Units - Land & Naval
*Panzer VI Tiger - T2 Heavy Tank - Germany
*Yorktown Class - T2 Aircraft Carrier - USA
*Yamato Class - T3 Super Battleship - Japan

All of the units are fully textured with the exception of the Yamato. I also have not made any normal maps for the units as it is not something I am very good at. I will eventually add them, or even better yet, hopefully someone can help me with them.

I will continue to update my progress here, but please let me know what you think of the units.


AWESOME :D cant wait till completion!! :)

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