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Changelog for the new World of Vasnar mod updated, beta 0.95.

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Release 0.95 Changelog

The new version of World of Vasnar has been released. What started as a small patch to fix the companions and claimants has grew in size quite considerably, adding not only the former but a whole new faction, household troops, a small quest and two minor locations.


"One of the new Household units, the Knights of Saint Eydward"

Major Changes:

-Reworked all 16 companions. They now have proper dialogues, stories and appearances. Some have unique equipment, some recruit special troops when made lords but all have new (and hopefuly interesting) stories to tell. A spreadsheet is present inside the mod folder with some information on their morality, likes, dislikes, etc...;
-Added the Strumheif Enclaves faction, split from the main Vampire Houses Faction. Like the latter, they posses 3 distinct troop trees; nobles in the form of vampires from castles, manor servants and undeads from towns and the corsairs of the enclaves from villages;
-Added household troops to some lords. The player can obtain these troops by talking to a garrison commander in the appropriate town/castle. To be hired you need to either be friend with the lord of the castle or be the lord yourself.
The households troops in this version are the following:

-Gryff Knights (Herengest)
-Hinterlands Liutenants (Rider's Lock)
-Knights of the Lion (Effalen)
-Count Cuirasses (Hoffadel)
-Council Guards (Lambholt)
-Knights of the Rampant Wolf (Avabruck)
-Prince Chosen (Havenmour)
-Alonzo Venturers (Chalbek Castle)
-Crimson Guards (Drakenheir Manor)
-Ebenhof Sentinels (Ebenhof)
-Knights of Saint Eydward (Steinsberg Bastion)
-Republic Royal Guards (Bruvik)
-Strumheif Stormborn (Strumheif Estate)

-Pretenders now have proper clothing and stories;
-Added a 2 parts small questline doable at (very) early levels. Can be started in Herengest and planned to be expanded in future updates;
-Added 2 small location; an high level "dungeon" and an another that houses some place holder equipment based on a certain game meant to be used in future quests;
-Added a small troop tree to the Church of Ebenhof (recruitable from the Witch Hunters Headquarters);
-Added some new castles and settlments, mostly for the Vampire Houses to compensate for the loss of the Strumheif lands.
-Added the Imperial Academy near Effalen, where players can buy some fire based spells and hire Weldhauf Battlemages.


"Noble troop tree for the Strumheif noble troops"

Minor Changes/Fixes:

-Small map adjustments;
-Household Troops are now recruited in groups of either 5 or 3 instead of 1. Prices Adjusted;
-Changed many references to old content/names;
-Tweaked many troops stats and equipment;
-Changed the Vampire Tower scene entry point so that players won't hopefuly get stuck by the guard;
-Renamed the Archduke of Weldreich to Archduke of Weldhauf;
-Fixed tournaments armors;
-Fixed many missing textures;
-Lords should now be marriagable;
-Added in many new items and tweaked many others;
-Fixed a couple of bugged siege scenes;
-Added 2 new music tracks;
-Recruiters should now be able to recruit troops from all factions;
-Given new dialogues to many of the minor faction parties around the map;
-Fixed some issues in the start game menus and added some pictures;
-Many, many other small changes that I forgot.
-Household Troops are now recruited in groups of either 5 or 3 instead of 1. Prices Adjusted.


"Crimson Guard Knights"

The Future:

With this update finally being complete, I will take a break from the mod but I still have plans for some updates, all of which however will come no sooner than 2023. A big balance/consistency patch is planned alongside the addition of new quests and locations. I have also recieved some interesting ideas and suggestion which I'd like to try and implement. Performance is also something I'd like to improve and I'll try to ease to load of the engine by impletmenting things such as texture atlases.

A big thank you to all those who downloaded the previous mod version and gave my feedback.


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