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As a part of the introduction of area-51. We want to warn you of the Psychologic-fear illness. Follow our guide and you should be healthy

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The psychologic fear level is too high in this area. Leave at once. Only enter the area if you are resistant against fear, brain damage, illusions and..........

Rule #20,1A Use of protection.
Enter the area at own risk. Use protections. If psychologic fear level is too high, report to nearest medical station at once. IF illusions occure report to nearest................

Psychologic-fear is a dangerous illness around Area-51. People believe that if they have that illness the best cure is a bullet through the brain. Psychologic-fear causes heart faillures, headache, high fever, lung faillures, illusions, voices in the head, strange way of walking and talking, seeing stuff that isn't there. But it also causes the person to do stuff that he or she isn't aware of such as: yelling to people, murder thoughts, acting like a psycho, become extremely scared.

The psychologic-fear illness is extremely contagious, when one of the above occures you must be placed in isolation for futher examination.

When the tests proves that the psychologic fear level is too high there is only one simple cure.
it is fast and painless. Follow the signs that says medical center. Around every corner Area-51 has those signs. and throughout the deserts you can find special medical tables. On the table you will find briefcases and a note. Follow the instructions and pick a medical device of choice. When the medical device has choosen the medical officer asks where and what country you came from. When that is known, Hold the flag proudly and say the words of your country. And soon you are cured.

How to protect yourself.

You can protect yourself from the psychologic-fear illness. There are a few possible ways NOT to get it. 1# DO NOT COME NEAR THEM. 2# LOCK DOORS AND WINDOWS. 3# DO NOT USE THE SECOND PUMP STATION. 4# PRAY EVERY DAY. 5# HOLD A MINI FLAG OF THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM AT ALL TIMES WHEN GOING OUT YOUR OWN HOUSE.

IF you follow the guideline of AREA-51 you will be safe.

Link of introduction of area-51 >


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