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Hey everyone from moddb, its been a while that we released someting big, so its time to share something. World of Mandana goes worldwide ! by releasing our big media packages, including: A teaser, level concepts, character concepts and promotion artwork. But thats not all !

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Yes within 2 weeks we will release our big world wide campaign. Showing a teaser, Level concepts, character concepts, promotion artwork and the prime of the cake, interviews and many info on many different game magazines ! For those who cant get those magazines dont worry, we will scan every article and place it right here on moddb, or our fresh new site

We would also like to share that WOM gets a online feature !
Inside the story you will encounter a mysterious Arena. That Arena will partly be in online mode !
In there you dont play as the main character, you have to pick a enemy. And that character will use the same level up system as in the story mode. But as a extra feature, inside the arena you will get experiance but also money and you will unlock new enemies you can play with.
But for those who dont like online modes, and you enter that arena for the story mode. You will see all the people who are online and you will see online battles. Its a great place to share information and to gain more experiance. However, the money and experiance gained in that arena wont be taken to the story mode.

But the development for Mandana goes extremely fast. But what is a game without a good OST?
In my point of view, music makes the game. And therefore we looked, and looked and finaly we found the perfect composer for Wom. His name is Thomas.
He worked on many different projects : games, movies but also trailer ost's.
To find out more about him please go to this website.

Here is a small preview.
We also started recording voices for the characters within the game. And offcours we saved the best bloopers. And the very best will be placed right here on moddb and our WOM site.

And the system requirements are official!
We tested our demo levels on many different computers, the reason why we tested it so early is because of the cryengine. We think that most gamers are ""afraid"" of the system requirements because of the cryengine. We worked hard to modify the engine to your needs and to make sure most gamers can run WOM. so here is the minimum requirement.
-Single core processor 2.5 Ghz
-512 GB ramm ( higher is always better)
-512MB vidcard supporting DirectX 9
- Atleast 6GB of harddisk space ( our estimate)

The max settings are:
- I7 920 2,67Ghz
- 3GB of ramm
- 1GB Vidcard ( ATI 4800 series or higher, / Gforce 270)
All actions were tested on 6 different machines, from extreme low lod to extreme high lod. And it works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit. Also works on linux and MAC !

But now its your time !
Wouldn't it be cool if you can say Hey that is my concept showing up in the game ?!
Well its your chance now. We still have 1 more place open for a boss.
So come up with something cool, and you might see your creation in the game !
Just send a email to, or send me a pm on moddb. or go to and go to contact and as subject put (CONTEST) in it.
Your name will be in the credits, and world wide seen in the demo of WOM at GDC and the E3 of 2011
So take your chance !

And keep sending us emails ! our email service is wide open for ideas, suggestions and many more.
We will look at all of them.

So until next time !


Cant wait to see more updates =)

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So we never heard from you again dude. What is going on? You never kept any of your promises after a lot of us did art for you.

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