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I explain the new interconnected world design, and show how I created the moods of each area with render settings and post FX.

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Hey all!

I decided to make all (or most) of the world in one level, and to make everything smaller. It was just too massive and boring before. But now, I have small areas that are all connected to each other, sort of like how Dark Souls is set up. But much simpler of course.


ISLAND LIFE - before post FX

After post FX

In addition to creating the world, I experimented with render settings (fog, ambient light, sunlight) and made different post-FX filters for each area. It should be cool to see things shift as you go from area to area. In order to find settings that would work well for the entire areas, I took several screenshots and made sure to include different angles of the player to make sure her skin didn't turn green or something :P

SNOWY PLAIN - before


ICE CAVES - before


Modifying several of the shaders to fade away as they get deeper: (Ie. the island and metal posts are less visible the deeper underwater they get)

Adding a nebula to the skybox:

Have a great week! :D

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