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I am glad to say that the total world conversion is now almost complete.

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After a long time of delays, vacations, and etc., I am glad to say that I am almost finished with the total world conversion from the world IRL to the world of the Man in the High Castle. All I need to do is to get the rest of the pacific islands to become part of Japanese Oceania, get the rest of South America to become one Japanese puppet state, convert the rest of Asia, and get rid of any last reference(s) of the Modern Age Mod in the menus and etc. Anyway, I will soon upload the images of the new puppet states that I have completed.

Changes made to the game so far:

  • Instead of 100s of countries at the game's start, there will be only Germany, Japan, the puppet states, Canada, and a few other independent nations.
  • If anyone has had any concerns over the fact that the capitals of some countries being in the wrong city, I found a workaround that will guarantee that the capital will be at the appropriate city.
  • I changed some localization for some of the technologies to better suit the mod.
  • Instead of trying to become a civilized country, the puppet states will try to become a sovereign state. (I may add an event in which they have a choice of either remaining a puppet, or declare independence from their overlord).
  • Almost all of the music from Tridicate's mod are going to be in the mod. I also added five new songs to compensate for the lack of any songs in German.
  • Spain will become Iberia after an early event. After Franco dies, you have the option to split into Spain and Portugal, or split into a bunch of smaller countries and play as Castile. Both choices will give you an option of becoming either a monarchy or a republic (The event for Franco's death can be avoided if Iberia changes to a different government by 1975).
  • Washington DC will now be called Nuclear Wasteland in this mod as a reference to it being nuked.
  • I added a new culture that resides near the Ural mountains of the Eastern Block.
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