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This Mod aims to grope for TS engine's cap for fans to show a totally different world from command and conquer , from the world view setting, plot, battle, side, unit, model, and the graphic effects, sound effects, and some detail part, with any on the market a command and conquer and MOD completely different, as much as possible to adopt the new technology. We also made breakthroughs and innovations in game mechanics, including but not limited to synergy, POW systems, fog of war, etc.

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Download World Axletree 1 2PB English Version - Mod DB

World Axletree has five new sides:
NACSF(Northern American Coalition Strike Force), mainly composed of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom;
CISUF(Commonwealth of Independent States United Force), composed mainly of Russia and some Eastern European countries;
EFRRF(European Federation Rapid Response Force), made up of elite troops strictly selected from the newly formed European federations after the breakup of the European Union;
FECO(Far East Cooperation Organization), an economic, military and political complex in East and Southeast Asia dominated by China;
RITC(Regenbogen International Training Center), the company's ostensibly product-display department and the private military contractors that lurk beneath it.
These factions have very different tech trees and units, and there are no redundant parts.

As of version 1.2, World Axletree has 9 main campaign missions, 5 commander challenges, and more to come, we welcome interested fans to join us.

You can join the World Axletree Discord channel in C&C Mod Haven to discuss this Mod.

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