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We got our compiling problems straightened out, and are now polishing up the apartments, expect screenshots soon.

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The Beta Mercy Hospital Apartments featured things such as much bumpier
street texture bump mapping, it rained everywhere, the tarp did not fly
away, a darker, more ambient feel with limited to no fog, more trashed
areas, a bigger moon which lit the street, and much more. I've been
using beta videos as references for the conversion. After the
apartments are done, I will work on the subway. Plans for the first
release are all 5 of the Mercy Hospital maps (Hell Hospital) with beta
styles and layouts.
Wish me luck, and don't forget to add the mod to your mod watch list.


As you might have heard, we had a bit of a problem not getting a beta version of the apartments to run
in-game. Good news, we got the mercy hospital apartments to compile correctly! it runs
in-game!. It still needs a little polishing up, and fix a few bugs, but
screenshots are coming soon my friends, so be ready!


Left 4 Dead Beta mod leader.


Great! good luck making the beta models, since no one's giving them up. Great job.

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Fabulous news man, keep up the good work. Take your time!

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So what are you planning to do about the HUD, because it will probably be really really hard to remake the HUD that Turtle rock Studios had made, plus the HUD in the beta was transparent, the released version was not, here is a picture:

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