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Its Years after the war between the 3 races...The mighty zerg have fallen dormant in the cold reaches of outer space...The Protoss have no more covenant , they have disbanded and created seperate groups...The mighty Dragoons of the Protoss have all died out due to age...The protoss seems to be in ruins....The Terran , from the planet of Earth , have been fighting a civil war for years and finnaly the guns come to a halt...Instead of killing eachother now , the rebels and the UED are now one..

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Many lives were lost during the Terran civil war , Now the UED wants to make up for it. The Rebels and the UED both luanch a colonization plan on a outer planet known only as Calradia. The Zealots of the Protoss , wich recentaly became independent , now need a planet to call home. They notic Calradia too , being lush with resources and such. They set a course there...

This mod Is gonna introduce a couple new features that ive been thinking off , but they shall remain secret. Also i will have a full list of changes , and factions units and classes soon.

(Ha no , that was not a reference to the Portal song.........or was it?........)

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