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Lets tell everyone of you some more about the Storyline, the maps.. And.? the release date?!

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hello Everyone! We have decided to give out another piece of information.

We are still working on the Maps, and storyline. But as the maps are slowly getting closer to finished. We are working a lot more on the StoryLine.
Currently we have a little piece of .txt with a storyline, And some details under it. So we will slowly get ready to put it in the maps.
I know that most of the custom stories there are, have this boring feeling: Monster, Note, Note, Monster. Or even more notes and monsters! If you begin to see that after 6 times, you get the feeling it's getting boring.
We, will have a few notes, Much more story-telling done in the maps and voice acting! (of both man and female) Anyway, enough details are given on this side. lets go on with the second subject, Which is
The release date!

My friend Greven already said that it would not be done till November. And so we will keep on thinking of things to improve the story as we go. Till we reach November. from there we will start to finish things. Improve other things and maybe take some other stuff in.

We think that this mod will be done somewhere around the 26th of November. (Yes, this is only a guess of what i think! But We will see how it goes and adapt it if needed.

Please Stay with us in this nice ModDB Page!

We have not had a lot of time to work on this, which has to do with a lot of problems regarding our will to continue. None of us has been up to a lot lately.. Hell, I don't even have the Custom Story or Amnesia on my PC at the moment.
So.. Yeah, Just a heads up that if this will ever continue, we will let you know.
- The Lost Memories Development team.

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